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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing therapeutic services for over twenty-two years. I have a Master’s Degree in both Social Work and Child/Human Development.

I am currently working with teens and young adults transitioning into college, from college to the workforce, and beyond. Adult issues can range from personal relationships, work relationships, parenting, life transitions, and more.

We can work as a team to support your mental wellness goals by strengthening your self-esteem, improving your quality of life, and overcoming today's challenges. Develop tools and gain clarity in a safe, and supportive environment. 

Areas of Expertise

    General Anxiety Disorder | Depression Disorder | Trauma

    Life Transitions | Separation and Divorce | Chronic Pain

    Anger Management | Individual and Family Counseling

    Mindfulness Meditation Groups | Grief Support | ADHD

    Individual Education Plan (IEP) support 

Mental health deserves the same amount of attention as physical health. Everyone has feelings, and everyone should have someone to help them process those emotions skillfully.


I offer a safe space to begin expressing and exploring any and all issues you may have that brought you to therapy. I can help you develop strategies, and techniques to manage them in day-to-day life. I offer interventions in cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness meditation. By adding tools to view your life in a more realistic/positive way, stress and anxiety can be greatly lessened.


Improving interpersonal relationships is correlated with a reduction of depression and anxiety through counseling. I can help you improve your personal journey of self-awareness. These improvements lead to even more growth in other areas of personal development. Let’s work as a team to improve your mental wellness.

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Contact Me

Therapy and counseling can improve your quality of life. Please reach out to schedule an appointment, and start your journey to mental wellness today.

5737 Kanan Rd., #504

Agoura Hills, CA 91301

LCS #26473


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